Professor of Tehran University: The process of the destruction of America was accelerated by the crisis of identity and racism

A faculty member of Tehran University’s Faculty of World Studies stated that American parties have no plan to solve the immigrant crisis in this country and said: The problem of racism in America is not a new issue and racism has existed since the founding of America.

According to many domestic and foreign experts, American power is declining and the United States is no longer a country to be imitated by other societies. The Supreme Leader of the Revolution also said in this regard: Everyone should know that America is declining, and those who are inclined to compromise with America are making baseless plans because America is declining.

One of the most important challenges that the United States government is facing and that has caused the decline of political power in the domestic politics of this country is the crisis of illegal immigrants, as a result of which we see anti-immigration among white Americans and has created social challenges. .

The program “Goodbye America” deals with a scientific approach to one of the most important international issues, i.e. the decline of the position and power of the United States, as well as examining the roots of the emergence of this crisis in talk radio.

In this regard, Fouad Ezadi, a faculty member of Tehran University’s Faculty of World Studies, said about the crisis of illegal immigrants and the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment in America: A book by Mr. Fukuyama called Identity was published, which shows that America has entered into an identity crisis in recent decades, especially in the last ten years. It means that the American ideas and the American dream have become a mirage and not a reality, at least for the people who live in that country.

From the mirage of the American dream to Trump’s abuse of the identity crisis

He added: Some inside our country also because of the distance between Iran and America and of course there are no in-depth studies. Maybe these points are not institutionalized for them; But for the Americans themselves, it has become completely tangible that the ideology, intellectual obstacle and worldview that they believed in in the early and middle of the 20th century does not exist abroad and is an illusion and should not be taken seriously, and therefore there is a kind of identity crisis in America. To the extent that some American politicians like Trump took advantage of this identity crisis and identified immigrants as the cause of the problems in this country.

Referring to the identity crisis and the decline of America as problems that people see, Yazidi said: Of course, there is a consensus among experts in other areas, and the American people also compare their own situation with the past, and in response to the question of why America went into decline, some They put forward reasons, one of which is related to the issue of immigrants, and they relate the bad situation of America to the arrival of immigrants to this country; But in fact it is not like that; Because immigrants helped the American economy.

Racism has existed in America since its founding

He added: Many of the world-famous environments in America were built by immigrants; But a politician who is looking for votes has nothing to do with the truth; Therefore, in Trump’s literature, immigrants became scary people, which is not the case in reality; There is crime in America; But immigrants commit crimes less, Native Americans are more criminals than immigrants; But they show it the other way around and if there is a case where an immigrant has done something wrong, they highlight it.

This international issues expert stated that the obstacle of racism in America is not a new issue and racism has existed since the founding of America due to the Europeans who came to America and massacred the natives and continued: the existence of this obstacle of racism has also contributed to the decline of America’s power.

Accelerating the decline of America with the crisis of identity and racism

He added: the immigrants who come to America from Latin America are people of color, and as a result of that racist view, in addition to the identity crisis and the acceleration of the decline of America, the issue of immigration has become one of the topics of the day in America, and of course with news such as the discovery of the bodies of dozens of immigrants in In Texas, during the Biden period, the same Trump policy continued in a way.

A faculty member of Tehran University’s Faculty of World Studies, while announcing that the reason for immigration from other countries to America is because of America’s policies against that country, stated: America has dominated Latin America and many countries for decades and the current The left in Latin America is responding to America’s crimes in the region, so a country like Venezuela is widely sanctioned, and even America’s friends are under America’s influence, and the resources of these countries are looted by Americans.

The main cause of immigration is America’s interventions in the production of poverty

He added: Latin America is one of the richest regions in the world, this region has more oil than Iran and Russia. For this reason, Latin America has always been under the influence of the United States, and the policies of the United States have led to poverty in these countries, and the poor migrate to better economic areas and borders of the United States so that they can have a better life by entering the United States. Therefore, if these policies were not implemented in Latin America, no one would have left their country, and it can be said that the origin of the immigration problem was also caused by the intervention of the Americans.

Claiming to solve the immigration problem in America has become a political and propaganda fight

Yazidi, in response to the question why senators like Ted Cruz with Cuban and Mexican descent, while their generation are considered immigrants; But they are against illegal entry and adopt dual policies regarding immigrants.

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