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Statement of the World Islamic Peace Forum on the occasion of the International Day

The 10th of November, which coincides with the 19th of Aban every year, has been named the International Day of Science in the Service of Peace and Development. This day is very important because of the importance of the role of science in society and the use of techniques and technology from science in promoting the development of peace.

The World Islamic Peace Forum believes that the International Day of Science in the service of peace and development provides an opportunity for scientific institutions, non-governmental organizations, civil institutions and scientists to talk about peace and development, which is one of the most basic social concepts. Discuss and exchange opinions.

It is clear to everyone that peace does not only mean the absence of war between governments, but it can also mean the conditions of a constructive national administration, resolving disputes and creating harmony in the relations between different institutional parts of a society. It is obvious that societies that use the scientific method can find a common community to look at the world and focus their efforts and emphasis on commonalities instead of differences so that peace can be created.

The non-governmental organization believes that scientific justice is one of the important concepts that has been neglected in the comprehensive view of peace and justice, and that scientific justice is very important and fundamental in the development of societies and benefiting from opportunities in the world. Science is a universal achievement and It belongs to all ethnic groups and nations and everyone has the right to benefit from it in a fair way. Therefore, efforts should be made to remove scientific and technological sanctions so that information exchange between academics and elites can take place all over the world.

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