Global society and the way out of terrorism

Terrorism is a word that is used by governments, intra-state actors and even natural persons to rationalize violent acts or to respond to these acts through a government coalition. Each of these legal entities may have their own definition of the term “terrorism”. Each of them pursue many interests from their wording about the conceptual meaning of the term terrorism.

Terrorism is coercive and violent behavior committed to achieve or realize a specific political goal or motive, even including the destruction of an established order. An act of terrorism is designed to instill fear through indiscriminate, arbitrary and unpredictable acts of violence, even against members of the same nation.

Terrorism is an act committed by governments, individuals or groups that use violence or the threat of violence for political purposes. International terrorism includes hijackings, political kidnappings, assassinations, bombings, arson, sabotage and hostage taking. Most of the time, terrorism is carried out by groups that represent extreme political parties or positions. Typically, terrorism from the left approach aims to incite revolution against the established and existing order, and terrorism from the right approach is used to preserve or support the supported group or class.
How can the world community be safe from the ugliness and bloody conflicts of terrorism?

The answer to this question is simple. The antidote to terrorism is justice. But how do we create the necessary justice to free our societies from terrorism? There are many definitions of justice and we will free ourselves from the opinion and discussion about these definitions here. In short and in a few words, justice or social justice can only be defined in an objective way that comes from divine origin. A racial definition of justice is race-based, which is doing injustice to other races. The national definition of justice is nationalistic and does injustice to other nationalities. An ethnic definition of justice is ethnic-oriented, which is doing injustice to those who do not belong to that particular ethnic group.
A class-based definition of justice is class-oriented, and therefore, injustice is done to other classes, and so on. Therefore, a definition of justice must come from outside the human condition to be considered justice for all. And this issue can only mean that we should search for this justice in a divine decree that came from our creator; The creator who has brought justice to everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, financial, gender, class, etc.

the writer:

Dr. Imam Mohammad Al-Asi

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