UN Secretary General: The world is on the way to hell

“Antonio Guterres”, the Secretary General of the United Nations, in his speech at the Climate Summit; It identified the United States and China as two countries that have a special responsibility to combat climate change. In his speech at the COP27 climate summit in Egypt, the UN Secretary General warned that the world must choose whether it wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or face future generations with a climate catastrophe.

The UN Secretary General also said that the world is on the way to hell. “Humanity has one choice: to cooperate,” Guterres told delegates and top world officials gathered to discuss how to fight climate change amid the military conflict in Ukraine, rising global inflation and energy shortages in Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh region. or perish”.

Guterres emphasized that the world’s richest and poorest countries should conclude a pact to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels, although China and the United States have a special responsibility to join the pact.

According to Guterres, this is either a solidarity pact with the climate, or else we will move towards collective suicide.

The warnings of the Secretary General of the United Nations were also confirmed by Al Gore, the former vice president of the United States, and he also emphasized the need to end reliance on fossil fuels.

Guterres also noted that the countries that signed the Paris Climate Agreement, which in 2015 stated their long-term goal of preventing more than 1.5 degrees of global temperature increase, must achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050 if they want to achieve this goal.

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