Damascus: The West’s frantic pursuit of the Syrian chemical case is completely rejected

Bassam Sabbagh, the Permanent Representative of Syria to the United Nations, said that the frantic pursuit of Western countries and their insistence on holding Security Council meetings on the “chemical case” in Syria to repeat the same accusatory narratives is unacceptable and in line with their duties under the United Nations Charter to maintain peace. And international security is not proportionate.

According to SANA’s report, Sabbagh continued his statements at the meeting of the Security Council on Monday about the chemical case in Syria and added: It is surprising that the Council will return to discussing this issue in less than two weeks. This approach only wastes the time of the members of this organization.

Sabbagh added: It is more useful to hold a meeting to discuss the negative effects of the unilateral coercive measures of the United States and European Union countries against the Syrian people, which have a catastrophic effect on their daily life and provision of their basic needs.

The Permanent Representative of Syria to the United Nations also expressed regret over the politicization of the work of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and said that the false accusations of these countries against Syria have no legal and professional basis and are completely rejected and are part of the hostile political campaigns that have been going on since 2011 against Syria with the aim of weakening security and stability and destroying Syria’s capabilities.

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