The US envoy tried to be a dove of peace, but his actions showed that he was a sinister owl

Mehdi Al-Mashat, the head of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council, emphasized on Monday evening that the ceasefire situation in this country is like a ticking time bomb.

The official news agency of Yemen (Saba) reported, quoting al-Mashat: “We are not in a state of truce, nor of war.” The state of neither peace nor war is the result of recent developments and that some of the aggressor coalition parties have come to the conclusion that they have failed.

Stating that there are some countries in the Saudi-Emirati coalition that need to review their behavior, he clarified: We support these countries. The role of America, however, in the issue of ceasefire is evil and dangerous. This country does not want the ceasefire to be extended.

This Yemeni official pointed out: Some of the aggressor countries are benefiting from this aggression, and as a result, they seek to explode the political and military situation. The negotiations about the ceasefire had also reached the level of a good agreement, but the American envoy traveled to the region and failed these efforts.

In the end, Al-Mashat emphasized that the American envoy is trying to present himself as a dove of peace in the media, but his movements in the region show that he is an ominous owl.

The two-month ceasefire in Yemen ended with the mediation of the UN special envoy to the country, after two extensions until October 10.

Yahya Saree, the spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces, warned all oil companies in the UAE and Saudi Arabia in a message on Twitter to leave these countries immediately.

He clarified: This warning will remain until the American-Saudi aggressor countries do not adhere to the ceasefire that does not give the Yemeni people the right to use their oil wealth to pay the salaries of Yemeni government employees.

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