The sympathy of Iran and other governments with the French people and government

Many governments and leaders of the world, including Iran, by sending messages or making various calls to high-ranking officials of France, while expressing sympathy with the government and people of France regarding more than 153 victims and 200 injured in the Friday night terrorist attacks on the need for global action against They emphasized terrorism.
The leaders and many other political officials of the countries and the public opinion of the world from Washington to Moscow and from the United Nations to the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO) strongly condemned these terrorist incidents.
News sources reported that during the series of terrorist acts that took place from the evening of November 13 (November 22) to the early hours of November 14 (November 23) in Paris, at least 153 people (including the perpetrators of the attacks) were killed and more than 200 People were injured, 80 of them are in serious condition.

*** What happened previously …
According to news agencies, newspapers and television news channels, from 21:16 at night Central European time (23:46 Iran time) onwards, three separate explosions and 6 shootings occurred in the city of Paris. One of the explosions was in the bombing near the Stade de France stadium where the German and French national teams were playing. French President Francois Hollande and German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier were among the spectators of this match.
In the deadliest attack, attackers stormed the Bataclan concert hall and took patrons hostage. As a result of the conflict between the attackers and the police that lasted until midnight, 87 hostages died at the hands of the hostage takers.
Following the bloody attacks on Friday evening in Paris, the President of France announced in a short televised speech that he has ordered a state of emergency throughout his country.
— Hollande emphasized in this televised speech that the French government and nation will stand firmly against terrorists. Hollande added: A state of emergency will be declared and the borders of France will be closed.
— The mayor of Paris has advised the people of this city to stay in their homes to save their lives.
CNN reported that following last night’s explosions in Paris, French President Francois Hollande canceled his trip to Turkey to attend the Group of 20 meeting.

*** Acceptance of responsibility for the attacks by ISIS
The ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for this terrorist act on its social pages and declared, “These attacks are the September 11 of France.”

*** Global reactions
— “Barack Obama”, the President of the United States of America, announced in a short speech following the attacks on Friday evening in Paris that his government will use all its efforts to prosecute the terrorists responsible for these incidents.
He added: I did not contact the French president because I know that he is very busy dealing with the events in Paris.
Let the French people know that we stand by them and will support them.
He also stated in a statement that these attacks were not the only attack on Paris and the French people. This is an attack on all humanity and common values of all people in the world.
Stating that France is America’s oldest ally, he noted that we are ready to provide any necessary assistance to the French government and people.
Obama further stated that the French people have always stood shoulder to shoulder with the American people and noted that we will also stand by France to fight terrorism and extremism.
Obama stated that those who think that terror can distract the French people from the values they stand for are wrong.
He pointed out that the American people are becoming stronger because of the determination of the French people for freedom, life and the pursuit of happiness, and added that America shares common values with France.
Barack Obama also published a statement in which he wrote that these attacks are not only within the geographical boundaries of Paris, but are an attack on all humanity and global values.
— US Secretary of State John Kerry in a statement described the recent terrorist events in Paris as an attack on all humanity.
Also, by sending an urgent message to his French counterpart, “Vladimir Putin”, the President of Russia, “Francois Hollande”, condemned the terrorist attack in Paris on Friday night, which killed dozens of people.
In the press release of the Kremlin, Putin was quoted as saying: Russia strongly condemns such anti-human massacres and is ready to provide any assistance in conducting investigations aimed at clarifying the angles of terrorist acts.
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev condemned the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night and emphasized the need for unity in the fight against extremism.
German Prime Minister Angela Merkel also expressed her deep shock regarding the terrorist attack in Paris and expressed her sympathy to the families of the victims of this heartbreaking incident.
By stating that the German government is in contact with the French government, Merkel once again emphasized the solidarity of the German nation with the French nation.
— UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, while condemning and expressing sympathy with the families of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night, demanded the release of the hostages as soon as possible.
The United Nations Security Council condemned the Friday night terrorist attacks in Paris.
–The President of the Republic of China, by describing last night’s terrorist incident in France as brutal, emphasized the global determination and joint international struggle for the complete destruction of terrorism.
On Saturday, Xi Jinping sent a message to his French counterpart, Francois Hollande, while expressing his sympathy with the French government and nation, and expressed regret for the killing of innocent people in this country.
He also expressed his condolences to the survivors of this incident and considered the occurrence of this incident as a shock for him and the international community.
Xi also stressed that China is always opposed to various forms of terrorism and to strengthen anti-terrorist cooperation

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