revival of Islamic culture; The main achievement and approach of the Islamic Revolution

Dr. Daud Ameri, Secretary General of the World Islamic Peace Forum, considered the main achievement and approach of the Islamic Revolution to be the revival of Islamic culture.

He further emphasized that since the beginning of the struggle, the Islamic Revolution had a cultural nature and the revival of the pure Muhammadan culture with the motto of independence and freedom of the Islamic Republic was the main theme of the struggle.

A look at the thoughts of the great architect of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (RA), shows that he attached special importance and value to culture and considered the happiness and misery of nations to be dependent on their culture. Therefore, with a deep understanding of the causes of the backwardness of Muslims, the Imam (RA) considered this issue to be the cultural invasion of the West and the false magnificence that the Western world had portrayed of itself in the eyes of the world and considered this factor as one of the important causes of the failure of nations The West has appeared so much in the eyes of a section of this nation that we think there is nothing other than the West. This Western intellectual, intellectual and brain dependence is the source of most of the misfortunes of nations and our nation” (Imam Khomeini’s Book, Volume 12, Page 4)

Therefore, from the beginning of the struggle, the Islamic revolution had a cultural nature, and the revival of the pure Muhammadan culture with the slogan of independence and freedom of the Islamic Republic was the main theme of the struggle. The result of the cultural nature of the revolution and the importance of Islamic culture in the intellectual system of its great architect led to the selection of all paths for the cultural improvement of the country, and in the meantime, the aggression of Saddam’s Baathist regime caused the maturity and cultural improvement of the passage of the holy defense, which today is considered one of the The honors of the holy system in the 40th victory celebration are the culture of revolution and holy defense, which can be briefly mentioned as examples.

1- The rule of Islam based on the legal authority; Although at first glance, this issue seems to be in the political sphere and as a model of governance, but it is actually an issue arising from the culture of the Islamic Revolution, but it is not discussed clearly in the cultural spheres.

It was mentioned earlier that one of the cultural goals of the Islamic Revolution was the revival of authentic Islamic culture, and today, in the 40th year of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, what components of the revolution can be equated with the progressive principle of religious authority. The Supreme Leader called the revival of Islam in the world as one of the most important achievements of the Islamic Revolution and said: “Despite the passage of more than one hundred and fifty years of modern and comprehensive planning against Islam, today a huge Islamic movement has emerged all over the world. Due to which Islam has opened a new life in Africa, Asia and even in the heart of Europe and Muslims have realized their true character and identity. (21/9/1369)

Regarding the revival of Islam in the Islamic Revolution, the Imam also said: “Thank God Almighty that you young people from wherever you are are paying attention to Islam and Islam in this age, in this dark age, in this age where all values are It was gone to the wind, you revived Islam.

“This movement of yours proved that Islam is still moving.” (Sahifah Imam, Volume 9, Page 105) This greatest achievement of the Islamic Revolution should be sought in the revival of Islamic culture in Iran, where for many years the Pahlavi regime had tried to use the history of Islamic Iran and distort it towards authoritarian regimes Consider the heir of a 3000-year-old civilization and replace the imperial culture with the Islamic culture at great expense. In short, the result of the revival of Islamic culture in Iran can be seen in various policies and trends in the Islamic society, which in short can be attributed to the awakening of the Islamic Ummah, support for free Muslims, setting an example for oppressed nations, and opening the window of hope for victory. In the hearts of Muslims, he mentioned breaking the false grandeur of the superpowers, the globalization of the defense of the Palestinian cause, etc.

2-Spirituality and ethics; In the domestic sphere, increasing insight and promoting spirituality in the country is considered one of the biggest and most important cultural achievements of the Islamic Revolution. The spiritual and spiritual evolution of the Iranian nation following the Islamic revolution in the holy defense was seen in a tangible and desirable way by the world. After the revolution, the Iranian nation had become a brave and courageous nation, which was the result of the teachings of the leadership of the revolution, and the youth of this border created the greatest epics in eight years of holy defense.

3- production of cultural products; In relation to the production of cultural products, numbers can be used in various fields such as book printing, film production, building and setting up cultural centers and art productions. For example, before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the average production and publication of books in the year was 2500 titles per year and it was published in about 220 publications in the country, which is an average of 14 publications per year. Before the revolution, under the influence of the western cultural elements, art and literature were moving away from the authentic culture of the Muslim people day by day and instead of promoting the culture, it followed the path of vulgarity, while after the revolution we are witnessing the growth of pure and sublime art and literature. In terms of book production, more than 700,000 book titles are published annually in various fields, and the statistics of publication of general and specialized publications are not comparable at all.

Also, in this area, we can mention the significant development of news networks, domestic and international news agencies, as well as the number of radio and television channels, which is without any need to present normal and obvious statistics to everyone.

Therefore, in short, if we want to list 10 examples of the cultural achievements of the Islamic Revolution, which naturally had a wide impact on the society, we can mention the following:

Dealing with the degenerate anti-religious and Islamic culture
Dealing with the wave of public corruption and the prevalence of Western unrest
Promoting Islamic and Quranic spiritual culture
Revival of divine rituals and

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