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A Just Peace: Global Common Discourse Across Religions and Cultures

The World Islamic Peace Forum has built a new framework for world peace by designing a just peace discourse based on interaction and alignment but also solidarity of all divine religions to change the unbalanced, unequal but also contrasting atmosphere governing contemporary international relations to cooperation, altruism and a return to nature. to guide

Creating a world based on peace, friendship and justice is the dream of all people, nations, cultures and religions. Today, the global public opinion is more sensitive to this demand and the causes of its non-fulfillment than in the past, and they judge and evaluate different theories and procedures in this regard. In the meantime, recent developments and events in the field of international relations (as well as national and intra-national), clearly show that in the current century, “peace and justice” is more at risk, threatened and violated than anything else. These developments range from unilateral military measures, massacres and sieges of cities and hegemony of some regimes and governments in the far corners of the world to poverty and hunger and the lack of fair distribution of human life facilities among nations, as well as the unsustainable exploitation of biological resources and lack of access to the knowledge necessary to properly face natural and unexpected events and what happens in social life, and finally, the lack of rule of justice on international relations, all societies, both developed and developing, have faced national and international crisis so that Most of the time and budgets are devoted to these issues and methods of dealing with them in the world.

This is despite the fact that the lack of correct understanding of the foundations and factors leading to peace crises, the exact consequences of these factors on the quality and quality of human life, as well as the duties and functions of governments and the international community in this regard, not only limits the possibility of responding to these issues. Human society has made it impossible, but instead of knowing the causes, the effects have been focused on, the damage caused by the existing and prevailing situation has not been realized, and finally, the importance and bases of “prevention” of such crises have also been hidden behind the appearances and formations of the international community of governments. .

Today, the world is full of injustice, war, violence and political and economic pressures, and serious developments are taking place at the regional level. Terrorism as a theater and a component affecting the public mind is among the processes that have challenged the security of societies. In the meantime, the Islamic awakening movement is striving for independence and gaining national identity in order to get rid of colonialism and dependent regimes, and in this regard, a clear horizon of the exit of the nations of the region from the colonial systems is emerging.

Considering the international developments and the insistence of the nations of the world on the establishment of just national and international systems, there is no doubt that the present era is the era of outstanding and clear crystallization of humanity’s idealism and demands and efforts to find a way to save mankind from the contemporary chaotic situation. The demand for peace and justice is a broad and meaningful front of this process and efforts that has now reached an important stage and a historical “turning point” and that is to take advantage of global opportunities to facilitate this path and overcome the challenges that Various causes and factors are facing humanity today.

Just peace is the crystallization of a comprehensive and all-round approach to establishing and establishing the perfect order of human life and respect for the set of elements of existence. A just peace is a suitable replacement for the traditional theory of a just war, in the same way that “dialogue” has replaced the “conflict” of civilizations. Just peace is the centrality of redrawing human relations in the global environment with respect for all cultures and civilizations, based on the partnerships that divine religions have established to define and achieve real peace. For this reason, it seems that the establishment of lasting and eternal peace in the global and regional arena is the heart’s desire of all people, nations, cultures and religions, and divine religions, with the foundation of a system of human relations based on human dignity and perfection, are the most reliable model of establishment. presented peace and divine prophets have managed concrete efforts in this direction. In fact, among the divine religions, there are common and valid elements in relation to just peace, and therefore, just peace is a global common discourse among different religions and cultures.

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Dr. Daud Ameri

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